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1st Security-Suite with security holes

*** Put a firewall, virus-scanner, and anti-spam. Thus security advice for every Windows PC. However, precisely these programs is also an invitation to the mafia Internet. The reason, like other software, firewalls and anti-virus also has a bug that can be used when connecting to the Internet, for example when you’re doing update.semua existing data on a PC that he attacked. No protection is 100% safe.

2 Hazards printer in a corporate network
*** Hackers are always looking for weaknesses in jaringan.Administrator should not only strengthen the protection on the server and firewall, but also on the client-PC. One weakness that is often overlooked is the network printer. Basically, the printer is also a server. This means that the printer settings can be manipulated and even control over the printer can be taken over completely. Printers that have been manipulated to send sensitive information such as account data, your paycheck, and password each time the victim print this data.

>>> Fighting: Step simple anticipation. Use a strong password for the printer configuration console and give limited access rights to users. Note also another device that is connected directly to the network. Webcam, wireless, routers, media-player, and other devices is also a target of hackers.

3 USB-flash is taking over every PC
*** Any security expert would know, if the hacker was already in front of a PC, the best protection is no longer useful. Therefore, the terminal open as the PC in the bookstore or supermarket is always blocked. Only keyboard, mouse, and monitor that can be accessed from outside. However, it is enough for hackers to work. Vulnerabilities hackers always make the heart beat faster. In any software, including Windows, available from many combinations of keys that are not documented. An example is the combination to open the windows ‘Run’ in Windows. Cracks are more dangerous is the buffer overflow bug in the Plug & Play drivers.

>>> Fighting: The most effective protection is to turn off or close the ports that are not used. Software such as ‘Device Wall’ from Centennial Software allows you to monitor the USB-port. However, as good as what the effect is to face such an attack remains to be seen in practice. If hackers can access the keyboard for a moment, the ways this becomes useless. Only the physical protection solutions.
4 hackers hiding on your hard disk
*** Slackspace (empty space in the file system) is a place that is rarely used on the hard disk. If a file does not use the entire cluster, a few bytes will be left as empty space. Hackers usually put the data there to be used later. These files are stored can not be executed, but it is a perfect place for storing passwords, keylogger protocol, and screenshots stolen.

Theoretically, we can also store their own data in slackspace. However, it is not safe storage. Data can be lost easily. If the file has been deleted slackspace, then a another, larger files are written there, the data in slackspace are crushed.

>>> Fighting: When the data is stored encrypted, we would be hard to trace. Fortunately, every time the data can be overwritten or corrupted. Defragmentation process can also counteract the existence of slack-space effectively. If you can prevent hacker access to your PC, this hidden data will only be a waste of data that is not dangerous, unless the hacker has set up a backdoor

5 digital photos reveal the identity of taker
*** Not just bullets that can reveal the shooter. Photo of a digicam can also give clues about the people who stapled. As with any disorder gun point leaving a trail of bullets, digital photos can also be used to reveal digicam. This trail comes from a CCD image sensor pixel digicam Because not all identical and some of them may also be damaged, any digicam can leave a ‘fingerprint’ pattern of the CCD.

>>> Fighting: Change image with Unsharp-filter. Thus, the info needed for the identification algorithm will be lost. This info can also be lost if an online photo gallery can minimize the images automatically. However, do not always feel happy because other research projects are trying to find a way to get the info ‘missing’

6-The content of the website
*** Those who want to avoid spammers and the like must have been accustomed to using a proxy. Many tools that can search for open proxies on the Internet, for example, Steganos Internet Anonymous 2006. Through the discovery of the proxy he promised users can surf anonymously and aman.Satu things that are not widely known. Creative hacker tools even take advantage of this kind and provides a proxy for the public. Users who do not know and use the proxy directly into the trap. Through such proxy, hackers do not just get info on websites visited. Hacker-proxy can also manipulate the website and install the security trap.

>>> Fighting: The best way is to avoid the use of proxies that are not known. “Stega-nos Internet Anonyn VPN ‘for example, self-menggunakanserversen safer. A better alternative is free and with anonymizer like TOR or JAP.
7 Solving the WLAN with fast encryption
*** Proxy-Fun ad Blocker ja sa Privoxy shows what might be done. Privoxy filter can replace all the words into PIHC CHIP.
‘Superman’, ‘Bambi’, or his girlfriend’s name as the password. With brute-force attacks, hackers can crack passwords such as fast through it.

>>> Fighting: As much as possible to use a complex WPA key. Do not use common words that can be found in the dictionary. Use a mixture of at least 8 characters letters, numbers and special signs.

8 MMS dangerous infect smartphones
*** How the Internet Channel Expels Hacker Hacker bombard a server control by using the address of a packet of questions with the victim. Furthermore, the server responded with a reply packet to a much bigger victim address. Due to load data, used the Internet channel will be blocked and victims of any server crashes.
Modern mobile phones and smartphones increasingly become more sophisticated. Therefore, this mini computer also more frequently targeted by hackers. Operating systems like Symbian and Windows Mobile is not only able to run a practical tool. Trojans can also serve there.
Users do not need to download and install the program or be attacked via bluetooth connection. An infected MMS is enough to take over the phone.

>>> Fighting: Not many options to prevent this gap MMS. You should always have the latest phone firmware. Many mobile phone manufacturers that provide firmware updates to close the gap to critical bluetooth. Find information about it at the manufacturers website. Firmware update could usually be done in the mobile phone shop. We also have available a virus-scanner and a firewall for Windows Mobile.
9 anonymous Internet surfer removed
*** ‘Traffic Analysis’ is a serious fear waged, antidote was also found.

10 Domain-Server, disabling Internet
There are security holes that never closed despite many PCs that were affected, namely service Domain Name Service (DNS). A PC asks the DNS server: “How much is the IP address of the na-ma of this domain?” The server then sends the answer packet control.
In addition to information about the partner’s IP address and name of the domain, control package also contains a comments field. In the comment column is stored much in-formation about the control that you require. With other words, the DNS server sends a reply packet size 100 times larger than the package content is a critical question anonymous surfing. Until now, service in the ‘Blue Bag’, a hacker hides a PC and a Bluetooth mobile phone to access without being noticed.
like TOR or JAP is considered safe and anonymous. In the two most popular networks, the packet is encrypted with strong and broken up so that tracking back would be very difficult.
A discussion at the DefCon hackers exhibition has implied the existence of danger. Algorithms that were developed at the University of Texas can not penetrate the duration and size of the origin of time-stamp the data packets sent.
Deterrence: You need not be too worried because the dangers are still in the level of discourse. Hacker and developer TOR Through expect when the attack bot network computers, a hacker sends millions of victims addresses the question by falsifying keserver control, with millions Servermenjawab sized package. Consequently, the channel will crash victims iternet because too many beban.Di here, the victim did not bisaberbuat nothing. Penangkalan action performed by the server control, there is currently no trick to attack this kind of bombardment.


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